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About Me

I'm Alex, a photographer from Lancashire, but I guess that's why you're here!


I'm Alex, a photographer from Lancashire, but I guess that's why you're here! I started my journey as Tin Squid in 2021 and quickly fell in love with photography. My sister, who was already established in photography, served as my mentor, which is super special as family is such a big part of my life.

This is why I chose family, weddings & events. I find nothing better than being surrounded by and capturing the true relationships of people from all backgrounds. I thrive in the midst of the action, engaging with people, getting to know them, and creating art that reflects their personalities.

You may be wondering about my business name, Tin Squid. I have a fascination with sea life, and I even have an octopus tattooed on my leg! However, I didn't think the word "octopus" flowed as nicely as Tin Squid, which was an idea suggested by my lovely mother.

I believe in photography being natural, casual & fun. This shows the real you. It shows your true memories of your most special people.

A bit more boring stuff about me:

  • I have two cats, Iddy and Effy. Bloomin’ love animals so drop me a message and tell me about yours.
  • I’ve been playing drums since I was around 4 years old. My first creative love.
  • My Fiancée, El, and I are currently converting a Renault Trafic van into a camper. You can follow our progress on my Instagram stories.
  • If I’m not out on a shoot, during the summer I’ll be down by the lake wakeboarding. If you’ve never been, you should!

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